Attraction to Paris (2021)

Action, Crime, Thriller
Tara Reid, Alexandra Echavarri, Jay Hector, Christopher Atkins
Heather, a young college girl decides to take a trip to Europe in order to clear her mind from her father's recent death, and hopefully figure out the next phase of her life in the process. Soon after arriving, she comes across three young Parisian trust fund babies with a taste for the wild city nightlife. The trio of Pierre, Olivier, and Astrid quickly draw in Heather with their charms and thirst for life, launching her European adventure. Heather's first nights are full of fun; seeing the underground nightclub scene that Paris has to offer is quickly putting her mind at ease. She even lets her guard down just enough, allowing herself to kiss Pierre, and possibly beginning a new romance. Later on that evening, the newly formed foursome, heads to Olivier's apartment on the outskirts of Paris. A home that is luxurious, yet rustic. The fun however, will be short lived. Hearing commotion just down the hall from the apartment, Pierre decides to investigate. He stumbles upon a foot soldier, working for a local terror group operating in the area. Pierre sees the makings of a city-wide attack, spotting homemade bombs, maps and computers. He never stands a chance; Pierre is quickly murdered by the terrorist, just as Heather walks in, witnessing the bloody event. She fights for her life, running away, using whatever it takes to get away from this maniac. In the scuffle, somehow Heather has wounded the terrorist enough to kill him. Their lives now in danger, Heather, Olivier, and Astrid must go on the run and into hiding, using every ounce of skill and smarts to stay alive as they try desperately to get this information to the right people. Edward Remington, a top British operative working for Interpol is quickly put on the case. It's a race against time. Will Remington and Interpol get to the trio? Or will a terror group bent on blood and revenge seal their fate? The clock is ticking as their lives, and a possible attack on the city hang in the balance.
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