Christmas Sail (2021)

Drama, Romance
Liz is called back to her home town with her daughter when her estranged father, Dennis, has hurt his arm. Since Liz mother died he's become more reclusive and don't want to celebrate Christmas any more. When Liz finds out that he's also threatened by eviction as he's fallen behind with his mortgage payments she gets the idea to fix up their old boat (which her father has not come around to sell yet) and participate in this years Christmas boat lights parade. This year the parade donates a cash prize to the winner which could help save her fathers house. It was Liz moms big thing every year to shine in the lights parade and Dennis does not want participate. Instead Liz gets help from Luke, her childhood best friend who still lives in town. Old feelings are put in motion and it is more than just Dennis that gets his spark back. �Johan Hammar
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