Joy for Christmas (2021)

Comedy, Romance
Sam Page, Kirsten Robek, Cindy Busby, Madison Smith
In the December Christmas season, Holly Silver, tired of being the fall person for the company's problems, quits her Publicist job with Arthur Publishing with nothing in line to replace that job. This situation is much like when she left the family business, Silver Investments, where she would probably be Vice-President if she stayed, she leaving in having a disagreement about the company's direction with her father, President Edward Silver, and her stepmother and stepbrother, Katherine and Justin Silver, the latter who has assumed that Vice-Presidency, the three who she has not spoken to since. But in visiting with her sister Eve Silver, Holly believes she was meant not to find the next in the line of jobs she probably would not have wanted, but rather return to the family business in learning that the event devised by her long deceased mother around which the company was built is under threat, namely a Christmas toy giveaway to needy children. This year, they outsourced the organization of the toy giveaway to a professional fundraising company, which unexpectedly went bankrupt, taking with them all the donations for the toys, such information which has not yet reached the media. While the rest of her family believes they should abandon the toy giveaway this year to regroup while strategize about how to deal with the media when it hits the news, Holly is determined to keep to her mother's vision to find a way to have it this year. Her idea involves having a big name with pull to be the center of a fundraising campaign in order to bring in a new set of donors, she suggesting former major league pitcher Jack Kane who she met in a somewhat awkward encounter while she worked at Arthur. Jack would well understand the problems as his own charity was also affected by the same company, he who has instead proactively dealt with the issue in the media to mixed results. While Jack sympathizes with Holly's plight, he is unwilling to be the face of a Christmas campaign in not being a Christmas person in it having bad connotations for him. Holly is able to convince him at least to consider doing it as she acts as Santa's helper elf as she would for the toy giveaway in trying to show him the joys of Christmas. In spending time together in the lead up to the possible fundraiser Holly has planned to feature Jack, the two start to fall for each other as Jack can see Christmas through Holly's eyes. What happens between them is affected by the outcome of fundraiser and the toy giveaway if it happens this year. �Huggo
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