Love Strikes Twice (2021)

Action, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Katie Findlay, Verity Marks, Marshall Williams, Wyatt Nash
Thirty-seven year old Maggie Turner's cutthroat approach, what is expected of her by her boss Malcom Baxter, and winning results look like they will be leading to her imminently making junior partner at the prestigious Chicago law firm where she works. This promotion coincides with her parents Estelle and George Hartman's fortieth wedding anniversary in their hometown of Elmhurst, attending which will be a working trip for Maggie, work which occupies any spare time she has. What she doesn't see or thus realize is that her schoolteacher husband, Josh Turner, who she met in high school but the two who didn't start dating until late in college, is the casualty in her life, he who tells her that he wonders if they should have gotten married at all in feeling like he is an afterthought to her, a possible permanent split which they will discuss when they return to Chicago after the anniversary party. A series of associated events leads to Maggie waking up the next morning only to discover that she has gone back exactly fifteen years in time to the end of college, just before she and Josh would have started dating. Beyond trying to figure out what's going on - her only confidante being her shy geek of a brother, Ash Hartman - Maggie may have a second chance to do it right, which she believes is two parts: saving the historic Elmhurst Library, the failure that first time around which led to her and Josh getting together, success in this matter which would free her emotionally from the pain of Josh to allow her to marry wealthy Rick Morgan, her boyfriend through most of college, the two who seemed to be well on their way to becoming a proverbial power couple. But Maggie's best laid plan, knowing what she knows from the first time, may not end the way she thinks. �Huggo
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